Tim Cook: Apple invests significant resources in augmented reality

At the conference audio for the presentation of financial results in Q2 2016, the president of Apple, Tim Cook, confirmed again one of the roads that the company would follow him in search of the next revolutionary product and we are talking of course about augmented reality, which begins to attract the attention of the world.

Questions from analysts about the popularity of the game Pokemon Go, Tim Cook said that Apple is still very interested to launch products based on augmented reality and that significant resources are invested in this direction, but of course were not disclosed specific details on plans company.

Although Tim Cook knows the game as Pokemans not Pokemon, he said however that Pokemon GO is very strong evidence of the fact that augmented reality can be extremely useful when it is used in an innovative way in an application, and Apple is looking to take advantage of such opportunities in the future.


Apple invests heavily in augmented reality

Tim Cook said that augmented reality can be “grandiose”, referring to the evolution of the platform and size that can be reached thanks to its popularity, Pokemon GO is so far the best example of how this system can make a great game, same It is true for common applications.

Augmented reality can be great. We have invested and continue to do in developing products based on it. We are confident in the benefits that augmented reality will bring us long-term and we think it is a great platform for consumers and a great commercial opportunity. Our main concern is that our products work well with those of developers, such as Pokemon, and that is why you see so many iPhones looking Pokemani. It remains to be seen whether this will be the next big platform. Whatever the case, augmented reality will be “big”.

Separately numerous patents that have already been registered for Apple in terms of augmented reality, or even the virtual one, I learned a few weeks ago that Apple has a secret laboratory with employees who develop products based on these technologies.

Tim Cook’s statements aim to increase investor confidence in Apple long term, but it remains to be seen how many people believe that Apple can bring a revolutionary product to market.