The iOS 8.3 jailbreaker is here?

If you are going to jailbreak your device, its best to know what to choose, how to do it the right way, how to enjoy all the benefits it brings. 

Are you already familiar with the tool used for iOS 8.2 devices? Then you are probably glad that the evasi0n team released the perfect jailbreak tool for iOS 8.3 devices with the same principle and simplicity as its predecesor. The new release is created for running on iOS 8 up to 8.1.3 but is only meant for Windows and Mac, while the Linux users are left out (maybe next update). Subscribe for cydia download on facebook or google plus pages.

Never used a jailbreak tool before to jailbreak iphone? There is a small risk that you take during this action. Jailbreaking a device practically means you alter the official software installed on your device. By doing so, you are taking responsibility for misfortunes such as features not working properly or lacking certain functions. Fortunately, worst case scenario you’ll have to restore your device using DFU mode for cydia download, a very simple process.

So first thing you should do is make a backup of your device using iTunes or iCLoud. I prefer to use the iTunes backup system because you have an encryption option (password memorizing will be required) which speeds things up if restoring the iOS 8.4 device is needed. Having the backup encrypted saves time because the account passwords are stored and there is no need to sign into every e-mail service or app you currently have on your device. It is pretty much similar to how iCloud handles the backup system.

After taking any risk away by backing up your device, I recommend to disable your passcode, it will prevent from interfering during the jailbreak. Download the evasi0n tool, install and run it. Mac OS X users might be prompted with a warning about the app being from an untrusted developer and will have to right-click on the app’s icon and select Open.
The same as the previous version, you are required to download and run the evasi0n app on your computer while your iOS device connected. 
Once you’ve done that, click on the jailbreak icon and wait, which for me is the hardest to do, but the evasi0n tool has a lot of work placing all bundles and required files onto the iOS device. During this process you will notice the evasi0n app icon appear, but do not tap on it unless you are requested to. You will be asked to tap on the icon after your device reboots a few times, after doing so it will reboot once more and the jailbreak will be successful. 
As prof, you will have Cydia installed and the chance to start tweaking your device. If things for any reason don’t work as easy as described follow the restoring process using the backup created. In plus you have the evasi0n troubleshooting guide that you can check with at any moment.

Good luck and remember, tomorrow is here.
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