The big list of best cydia tweaks for iOS 7

If you never noticed at the end of last year a jailbreak for iOS 7 was launched, the current tool supports all versions including iOS 7.0.4. This being said let’s take a closer look at what tweaks can we install on iOS 7. You will notice that in this list we are going see well-known tweaks. Well the years pass by but some tweaks still manage to be in these top cydia tweaks.


BioLockdown is a tweak that only works on iPhone 5s. This is because iPhone 5s is the only iDevice for now with a TouchID sensor. This tweak will lock any app, setting or any other function and can be unlocked only by your finger print. So for $1.99 I can say money well spent.

BytaFont 2

If you are looking to change the font on your device I suggest BytaFont 2. You can change the font on a specific app or any part of the operating system. The only downside to this tweak is that not all ready to be used in iOS 7. If you want this tweak you can get it for free.

iCleaner Pro

From time to time every operating system gets clogged with unnecessary files like temps or unused files and need to be cleaned up. iCleaner Pro will scan your device for this kind of files such as application cache, web browsing history and many more, and then delete them. But be careful because there is always the possibility that you could delete some need files. Enough when you hear Pro in the name of an app you expect to be a paid version you can actually download this for free.


This tweak will transform your iDevice into a personal mobile hotspot. This way you can easily share with other device or computer your internet connection. If you want this app it will set you back $4.99.


SMS has been, still is and will be among us for a long time. Even though it does the job perfectly is plane dull. With BiteSMS all that is going to change you can add some freshness to every texting. But this is not all including iMessage gets reworked. With BiteSMS you can Quick Compose or Quick Reply from anywhere in your phone. You can have this for free.


This tweak will give you the chance to close all app at once. You can do this by simply swiping up in your screen when app switcher is open. This way you will be presented with a three choice menu, Restart, Quit Apps and Cancel. The first one will restart your device and second as you guessed it wil close all your apps. SwitchSpring is another tweak that joins the free tweaks category.


Even though this tweak doesn’t need any presentation I feel it is my duty to remind you. This can help you customize actions or activators for hardware buttons or gestures. Activator is used often in combination with other cydia tweaks. If you don’t have it, head over to Cydia and download this tweak for free.


With this tweak you can change the toggles in Control Center, change the appearance and many more. Setting up this tweak is very simple also you can get it for free.


Simple and effective CCHide does the job of hiding elements from Control Center with ease. It will hide individual elements or entire groups of elements thus letting you customize Control Center the way you want. All of this can be done from CCHide in Settings app with the help of toggles. This tweak is also free.


BatterySafe is that tweak that will help you save battery power when it reaches a low battery level. When activated this tweak turn of all unnecessary functions like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or any other features that drain the battery. If you want this cydia tweak you can get it for free.


Even though you can get this for $4.99 without doubt I will still recommend you to get this file manager. Like any other file manager you can move, copy, move, edit files but you can also upload and do many more.


This tweak brings to the jailbreak community that uninstall feature of apps downloaded via App Store. You can uninstall an app by touching and holding on an icon until they all start to wiggle, then touch that X.


It will remove that blue dot which appeared on updated apps and new apps.


Slow animation on iOS 7? Well NoSlowAnimations will speed up the animation on your device.


This tweak is very helpful when it comes to long term usage of your device. It will adjust the brightness and temperature of the screen so you will not get your eyes tired.


This tweak temporarily solves the Siri’s servers down problem by accessing Voice Control so you can still voice control some of features of your phone like, make a phone call, music control.


TapTodaysCalendar will link your calendar to the date from Notification Center, so every time you click on the date in Notification Center the Calendar app will be launched.


Will help you launch your favorite apps right from your lock screen. You can do this by swiping left and a list with your favorite apps will appear.


This tweak makes editing text much simpler. With some gestures on your keyboard you can navigate, select and delete text.


Since we talked about keyboards we can focus our attention on customizing it. This tweak will change the color of a dark look.


Not all countries can benefit from turn by turn directions in Maps app, where with this tweak you will enable this function.


Everyone who installed Chrome was shocked to see that is slower than Safari. Actually is not but is more like a gimmick from Apple. Nitrous will eliminate this and you will see that Chrome is fast as Safari


With Fav you will turn the Spolight area into a favorite app launcher.

Open In App for Photos

Sharing photos from Photos app has never been easier with this tweak. With it you can import photos into apps that can support this feature like Skitch, Dropbox and many more.

Messages Customizer

Will help you change the two boring colors in Messaging app with the ones you want.


These are just a few of those wonderful tweaks that you can have on iOS 7 jailbroken device. If you want more stay tunned.