Top 10 Best Cydia Sources 2014

What are cydia repositories you may ask. A repo is a virtual storage where you can find apps, tweaks, themes and many more. But what is the purpose of a cydia source. For once you will not find in App Store tweaks, themes because Apple will not allow such packages to be hosted and the only way you can install these kind of packages is to jailbreak using the appropriate jailbreak tool for you iDevice and iOS version.
Maybe if I present some of the most used packages from a list of ten most used cydia sources you will get the idea.

It has packages from themes, ringtones to wallpapers and sounds. It is also well known for tweaks and apps like:
Activator is a tweak known to add gesture control and other functionality to hardware buttons.
CyDelete can help you delete apps installed from Cydia just like those apps installed from AppStore.
iFile is that needed tool for every iDevice making the perfect file manager for iPhone, iPad or iPod.

This repo, just like BigBoss, comes preinstalled in cydia. Here you will find well known apps and tweaks. But what are those packages?
MakeItMine will add any text in the carrier name area.
My3G is a tweak that will let you use some of the features that are restricted for WiFi like Facetime. It basically fools the apps that you are on WiFi instead of 3G.

You can get from this cydia source tweaks, apps, themes and ringtones.
Calcpaper is one of the free apps that you will find in this repository. It simulates an old calculator with paper roll. You have the possibility to scroll also.
ArtistSMS is a theme for your SMS app.

You will find apps, themes and tweaks here. Here are some of those well-known packages.
IntelliScreen adds to your lockscreen beside the usual information of notifications the possibility to quick preview or preview entire notification.
Graviboard is tweak that adds some fun to your device, When activated all icons will drop depending on the orientation of your device.

This tweak houses apps and tweaks like:
AppSwitcher perfect to switch between apps and playing music
Barrel is a tweak that adds effects between Springboard page switches.
biteSMS takes sms to IM level.

This repo is known for its tweaks and applications, also full apps which you can download for free.

This has a mix of packages from xSellize and SiNfuL iPhone. So you will find apps and tweaks like iFile, Infiniboard, Graviboard and YouTube HD.

This repo is known for apps and tweaks but more for paid apps that can be downloaded for free.
You can install apps, tweaks, themes and ringtones from here.
Folder Enhancer is a tweak that will add the functionality of going full screen when opening a folder.
Springtomize 2 is more like an all in one tweak.

This repository is good if you want to customize your iDevice. You will find DreamBoard themes, animation for your device and ringtones.
Battery Control is a tweak that will let you toggle on/off the battery icon from your status bar.
Install0us is a 3rd party distribution platform for paid apps which can be downloaded for free.