Best Cydia tweaks 2014 – TOP 10

Cydia brings what App Store lacks of, to be more explicit packages like themes, tweaks and many more. The only way you can install these packages is to download the appropriate jailbreak tool so you can unleash the full potential of the OS and also download and install Cydia. Cydia Store houses lots of packages and if you think you can check every one of them you are wrong, it is impossible. So as a solution to this problem I bring to you a short list with some of these packages.
Some of these packages will change the lock of your device, other packages the feel. And if you are one of those guys who are into iOS 7 looks and feels you came to the right place because I am also going to present a few packages that will bring parts of iOS 7 to iOS 6 or iOS 5.
With any other further ado we begin our list.
LockMusic – Besides the conventional controls in the lockscreen by double pressing home button this tweak will add gestures controls for you player in lockscreen, like swipe to right or left to change to next or previous song, swipe up or down to control volume and double tap to pause or play song. This tweak can be found in MacCitti repo for free.
Reminisce – Is a tweak that brings a small launcher in your home screen for your recently used applications. The trick is to swipe from the left or right edge of your screen, this depends on the settings that you have in Reminisce. Even though it costs $1.99 from my point I can say money well spent. If you want it you can find it in Bigboss repo.
Anemo – This is the most expensive tweak that we have in our list. Maybe you are wondering if it’s worth the price tag, $2.99 to be exact. Well this tweak will bring a quick reply function to your messages right from the screen you are in. You can get it from BigBoss.
BannerSwipe – Notification banners can be sometimes annoying so as a result BannerSwipe will let you swipe does pesky banners so you will not wait until they will disappear. This is free in ModMyi repo.
NCSearch – Wen you are on the go and want to make a quick search this can be really hard, because you must enter in your favorite browser and the search what you want. Well with this tweak you can pull down your Notification Center and make a search right from there.
TapTapFolder – This tweak will let you define a app that will be launched from a folder just by taping the folder. I for wants like to arrange by category but I also have some favorite apps that will need a lot doing to just open them. This is from BigBoss repo and it’s free.
PhotosEnhancer Pro 2 – every one of us has sensitive data on their phone, like videos or photos. Now you can hide all those files with this tweak. The best part is that this app is free from BigBoss repo.
Typo5 Lockscreen – If you are into typographic thing you will surely love this to display information in typographic stile on your lockscreen. You can get this from Ryan Petrich repo for free.
iOS 7 Theme – This is that famous theme which brings that flat design from iOS 7 to iOS 6. This tweak doesn’t need any further explain. But can be found in zodttd repo for free.
Deepend – If you opted for iOS 7 Theme it wouldn’t be an iOS 7 running device without the parallax effect on your background. This tweak is free from Ryan Petrich repo.

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