Tim Cook: Apple invests significant resources in augmented reality

At the conference audio for the presentation of financial results in Q2 2016, the president of Apple, Tim Cook, confirmed again one of the roads that the company would follow him in search of the next revolutionary product and we are talking of course about augmented reality, which begins to attract the attention of the world.

Questions from analysts about the popularity of the game Pokemon Go, Tim Cook said that Apple is still very interested to launch products based on augmented reality and that significant resources are invested in this direction, but of course were not disclosed specific details on plans company.

Although Tim Cook knows the game as Pokemans not Pokemon, he said however that Pokemon GO is very strong evidence of the fact that augmented reality can be extremely useful when it is used in an innovative way in an application, and Apple is looking to take advantage of such opportunities in the future.


Apple invests heavily in augmented reality

Tim Cook said that augmented reality can be “grandiose”, referring to the evolution of the platform and size that can be reached thanks to its popularity, Pokemon GO is so far the best example of how this system can make a great game, same It is true for common applications.

Augmented reality can be great. We have invested and continue to do in developing products based on it. We are confident in the benefits that augmented reality will bring us long-term and we think it is a great platform for consumers and a great commercial opportunity. Our main concern is that our products work well with those of developers, such as Pokemon, and that is why you see so many iPhones looking Pokemani. It remains to be seen whether this will be the next big platform. Whatever the case, augmented reality will be “big”.

Separately numerous patents that have already been registered for Apple in terms of augmented reality, or even the virtual one, I learned a few weeks ago that Apple has a secret laboratory with employees who develop products based on these technologies.

Tim Cook’s statements aim to increase investor confidence in Apple long term, but it remains to be seen how many people believe that Apple can bring a revolutionary product to market.

iOS 9 Clock LockScreen Tip

If you are listening to Music in your iPhone or iPod touch the apparatus replaces the standard clock and date in the lockscreen with Music managements. This enables the users to readily perform useful activities associated with the Music program for example playing or stopping the now playing tune, altering volume in addition to soaring to another or previous tune.

That is advantageous in scenarios when you’ll need a larger form of the clock (since a little one already appears in the status bar) or wish to test the date for today. To bring the clock all you need to do is press your home button once.

This can be a fantastic attribute of iOS lockscreen and definitely among the ones that could be extremely useful sometimes. This works in the stock Music program including every third party music program that shows the Music controls to the lockscreen.

The iOS 8.3 jailbreaker is here?

If you are going to jailbreak your device, its best to know what to choose, how to do it the right way, how to enjoy all the benefits it brings. 

Are you already familiar with the tool used for iOS 8.2 devices? Then you are probably glad that the evasi0n team released the perfect jailbreak tool for iOS 8.3 devices with the same principle and simplicity as its predecesor. The new release is created for running on iOS 8 up to 8.1.3 but is only meant for Windows and Mac, while the Linux users are left out (maybe next update). Subscribe for cydia download on icydiablog.com facebook or google plus pages.

Never used a jailbreak tool before to jailbreak iphone? There is a small risk that you take during this action. Jailbreaking a device practically means you alter the official software installed on your device. By doing so, you are taking responsibility for misfortunes such as features not working properly or lacking certain functions. Fortunately, worst case scenario you’ll have to restore your device using DFU mode for cydia download, a very simple process.

So first thing you should do is make a backup of your device using iTunes or iCLoud. I prefer to use the iTunes backup system because you have an encryption option (password memorizing will be required) which speeds things up if restoring the iOS 8.4 device is needed. Having the backup encrypted saves time because the account passwords are stored and there is no need to sign into every e-mail service or app you currently have on your device. It is pretty much similar to how iCloud handles the backup system.

After taking any risk away by backing up your device, I recommend to disable your passcode, it will prevent from interfering during the jailbreak. Download the evasi0n tool, install and run it. Mac OS X users might be prompted with a warning about the app being from an untrusted developer and will have to right-click on the app’s icon and select Open.
The same as the previous version, you are required to download and run the evasi0n app on your computer while your iOS device connected. 
Once you’ve done that, click on the jailbreak icon and wait, which for me is the hardest to do, but the evasi0n tool has a lot of work placing all bundles and required files onto the iOS device. During this process you will notice the evasi0n app icon appear, but do not tap on it unless you are requested to. You will be asked to tap on the icon after your device reboots a few times, after doing so it will reboot once more and the jailbreak will be successful. 
As prof, you will have Cydia installed and the chance to start tweaking your device. If things for any reason don’t work as easy as described follow the restoring process using the backup created. In plus you have the evasi0n troubleshooting guide that you can check with at any moment.

Good luck and remember, tomorrow is here.
Curtesy of icydiablog.com

Nifty Installous Replacements

We all know how much we miss Installous, but even if there’s no coming back for the all-too-useful app, don’t dispair, as there are some very good alternatives out there, which can pretty much do the same things Installous did. Here is a list of options that you can choose from, depending on your needs and preferances. All these apps have been carefully tested by a group of voracious users that have spent considerable amounts of time on the apps looking out for pros and cons. So, here it goes.

The most interesting one is probably iFunBox . iFunBox has the same objective that Installous had, which is allowing jailbreak users to install cracked apps.
It is compatible with both Windows and Mac and it is the perfect solution for those of you who like to use your PC and your mobile connected. You can of course synch the devices so that your files will always come in handy.
Once you have installed iFunBox, connect both your jailbroken device and your computer together. Launch iFunBox from your desktop and wait for it to detect a connected iOS device and you’re pretty much there. You can download iFunBox here.

Very similar to iFunBox is HipStore, as it can also work if you have your PC and your iOS device connected. Much like other Installous alternatives, this one also allows you to install IPA files to your jailbroken iOS device. Look for the HipStore repo source (cydia.heaveniphone is the best one), tap on HipStore and install it. It will take a little less than one minute.

Faster, easier, smoother

If you’re time is very costly, the best solution is probably Zeusmos. This app has an absurdly easy-to-use and friendly interface that allows you to install free apps with just a few taps. It has been tested on a few Apple devices such as iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad, iPad Mini and iPod Touch.

Kuaiyong ranks very high in the list of alternatives for Installous. The reason for this is the simple and awesome fact that you do not have to jailbreak your phone in order to use it, which was pretty much unheard of before 2012, when it was first launched. The downside to this would be that nobody knows how long Kuaiyong will be out there, probably because all great things quickly come to an end. In fact, “kuaiyong” means “use it as quickly as possible” in Chinese and you should really do exactly so, because you can download tones of cool apps with it without having to pay for them. Another piece of good news about this app is that you can use it with Windows explorer. So, really, take advantage of it as fast as you can.

Pandaapp is another great alternative and, since we’ve mentioned other apps that you can get on your iOS device through your PC, Pandaapp is another one that fits in the same category. You can install it on your iOS device exclusively by first installing it on your PC and then synching the two devices. To synch your devices, you can use Moborobo. Connect both your iOS device and computer and open Moborobo. It will detect your mobile device and stay connected. At Moborobo, click on the Apps button and then click on Panda App under Web Resources.

These are but a few of the available options out there. Also check out the more subtle vShare (or Appvv) or Appcake, a tool that has been around since 2008 and has provided great free apps and games to both iOS and Android devices. Other side options include Apptrack, AppAddict, IPAStore, IPA Search and IPA Installer Console. Installous may be gone forever, but there is no indication whatsoever that free apps will become a thing of the past in the near future.

The big list of best cydia tweaks for iOS 7

If you never noticed at the end of last year a jailbreak for iOS 7 was launched, the current tool supports all versions including iOS 7.0.4. This being said let’s take a closer look at what tweaks can we install on iOS 7. You will notice that in this list we are going see well-known tweaks. Well the years pass by but some tweaks still manage to be in these top cydia tweaks.


BioLockdown is a tweak that only works on iPhone 5s. This is because iPhone 5s is the only iDevice for now with a TouchID sensor. This tweak will lock any app, setting or any other function and can be unlocked only by your finger print. So for $1.99 I can say money well spent.

BytaFont 2

If you are looking to change the font on your device I suggest BytaFont 2. You can change the font on a specific app or any part of the operating system. The only downside to this tweak is that not all ready to be used in iOS 7. If you want this tweak you can get it for free.

iCleaner Pro

From time to time every operating system gets clogged with unnecessary files like temps or unused files and need to be cleaned up. iCleaner Pro will scan your device for this kind of files such as application cache, web browsing history and many more, and then delete them. But be careful because there is always the possibility that you could delete some need files. Enough when you hear Pro in the name of an app you expect to be a paid version you can actually download this for free.


This tweak will transform your iDevice into a personal mobile hotspot. This way you can easily share with other device or computer your internet connection. If you want this app it will set you back $4.99.


SMS has been, still is and will be among us for a long time. Even though it does the job perfectly is plane dull. With BiteSMS all that is going to change you can add some freshness to every texting. But this is not all including iMessage gets reworked. With BiteSMS you can Quick Compose or Quick Reply from anywhere in your phone. You can have this for free.


This tweak will give you the chance to close all app at once. You can do this by simply swiping up in your screen when app switcher is open. This way you will be presented with a three choice menu, Restart, Quit Apps and Cancel. The first one will restart your device and second as you guessed it wil close all your apps. SwitchSpring is another tweak that joins the free tweaks category.


Even though this tweak doesn’t need any presentation I feel it is my duty to remind you. This can help you customize actions or activators for hardware buttons or gestures. Activator is used often in combination with other cydia tweaks. If you don’t have it, head over to Cydia and download this tweak for free.


With this tweak you can change the toggles in Control Center, change the appearance and many more. Setting up this tweak is very simple also you can get it for free.


Simple and effective CCHide does the job of hiding elements from Control Center with ease. It will hide individual elements or entire groups of elements thus letting you customize Control Center the way you want. All of this can be done from CCHide in Settings app with the help of toggles. This tweak is also free.


BatterySafe is that tweak that will help you save battery power when it reaches a low battery level. When activated this tweak turn of all unnecessary functions like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or any other features that drain the battery. If you want this cydia tweak you can get it for free.


Even though you can get this for $4.99 without doubt I will still recommend you to get this file manager. Like any other file manager you can move, copy, move, edit files but you can also upload and do many more.


This tweak brings to the jailbreak community that uninstall feature of apps downloaded via App Store. You can uninstall an app by touching and holding on an icon until they all start to wiggle, then touch that X.


It will remove that blue dot which appeared on updated apps and new apps.


Slow animation on iOS 7? Well NoSlowAnimations will speed up the animation on your device.


This tweak is very helpful when it comes to long term usage of your device. It will adjust the brightness and temperature of the screen so you will not get your eyes tired.


This tweak temporarily solves the Siri’s servers down problem by accessing Voice Control so you can still voice control some of features of your phone like, make a phone call, music control.


TapTodaysCalendar will link your calendar to the date from Notification Center, so every time you click on the date in Notification Center the Calendar app will be launched.


Will help you launch your favorite apps right from your lock screen. You can do this by swiping left and a list with your favorite apps will appear.


This tweak makes editing text much simpler. With some gestures on your keyboard you can navigate, select and delete text.


Since we talked about keyboards we can focus our attention on customizing it. This tweak will change the color of a dark look.


Not all countries can benefit from turn by turn directions in Maps app, where with this tweak you will enable this function.


Everyone who installed Chrome was shocked to see that is slower than Safari. Actually is not but is more like a gimmick from Apple. Nitrous will eliminate this and you will see that Chrome is fast as Safari


With Fav you will turn the Spolight area into a favorite app launcher.

Open In App for Photos

Sharing photos from Photos app has never been easier with this tweak. With it you can import photos into apps that can support this feature like Skitch, Dropbox and many more.

Messages Customizer

Will help you change the two boring colors in Messaging app with the ones you want.


These are just a few of those wonderful tweaks that you can have on iOS 7 jailbroken device. If you want more stay tunned.

Top 10 Best Cydia Sources 2014

What are cydia repositories you may ask. A repo is a virtual storage where you can find apps, tweaks, themes and many more. But what is the purpose of a cydia source. For once you will not find in App Store tweaks, themes because Apple will not allow such packages to be hosted and the only way you can install these kind of packages is to jailbreak using the appropriate jailbreak tool for you iDevice and iOS version.
Maybe if I present some of the most used packages from a list of ten most used cydia sources you will get the idea.

Link: http://apt.thebigboss.org/repofiles/cydia
It has packages from themes, ringtones to wallpapers and sounds. It is also well known for tweaks and apps like:
Activator is a tweak known to add gesture control and other functionality to hardware buttons.
CyDelete can help you delete apps installed from Cydia just like those apps installed from AppStore.
iFile is that needed tool for every iDevice making the perfect file manager for iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Link: http://apt.modmyi.com/
This repo, just like BigBoss, comes preinstalled in cydia. Here you will find well known apps and tweaks. But what are those packages?
MakeItMine will add any text in the carrier name area.
My3G is a tweak that will let you use some of the features that are restricted for WiFi like Facetime. It basically fools the apps that you are on WiFi instead of 3G.

Link: http://repo.ispazio.net
You can get from this cydia source tweaks, apps, themes and ringtones.
Calcpaper is one of the free apps that you will find in this repository. It simulates an old calculator with paper roll. You have the possibility to scroll also.
ArtistSMS is a theme for your SMS app.

Link: http://cydia.xsellize.com
You will find apps, themes and tweaks here. Here are some of those well-known packages.
IntelliScreen adds to your lockscreen beside the usual information of notifications the possibility to quick preview or preview entire notification.
Graviboard is tweak that adds some fun to your device, When activated all icons will drop depending on the orientation of your device.

Link: http://repo.insanelyi.com
This tweak houses apps and tweaks like:
AppSwitcher perfect to switch between apps and playing music
Barrel is a tweak that adds effects between Springboard page switches.
biteSMS takes sms to IM level.

Link: http://www.sinfuliphonerepo.com
This repo is known for its tweaks and applications, also full apps which you can download for free.

Link: http://ihacksrepo.com
This has a mix of packages from xSellize and SiNfuL iPhone. So you will find apps and tweaks like iFile, Infiniboard, Graviboard and YouTube HD.

Link: http://ihackstore.com/repo
This repo is known for apps and tweaks but more for paid apps that can be downloaded for free.
Link: http://repo.biteyourapple.net
You can install apps, tweaks, themes and ringtones from here.
Folder Enhancer is a tweak that will add the functionality of going full screen when opening a folder.
Springtomize 2 is more like an all in one tweak.

Link: http://repo.hackyouriphone.org
This repository is good if you want to customize your iDevice. You will find DreamBoard themes, animation for your device and ringtones.
Battery Control is a tweak that will let you toggle on/off the battery icon from your status bar.
Install0us is a 3rd party distribution platform for paid apps which can be downloaded for free.

Best Cydia tweaks 2014 – TOP 10

Cydia brings what App Store lacks of, to be more explicit packages like themes, tweaks and many more. The only way you can install these packages is to download the appropriate jailbreak tool so you can unleash the full potential of the OS and also download and install Cydia. Cydia Store houses lots of packages and if you think you can check every one of them you are wrong, it is impossible. So as a solution to this problem I bring to you a short list with some of these packages.
Some of these packages will change the lock of your device, other packages the feel. And if you are one of those guys who are into iOS 7 looks and feels you came to the right place because I am also going to present a few packages that will bring parts of iOS 7 to iOS 6 or iOS 5.
With any other further ado we begin our list.
LockMusic – Besides the conventional controls in the lockscreen by double pressing home button this tweak will add gestures controls for you player in lockscreen, like swipe to right or left to change to next or previous song, swipe up or down to control volume and double tap to pause or play song. This tweak can be found in MacCitti repo for free.
Reminisce – Is a tweak that brings a small launcher in your home screen for your recently used applications. The trick is to swipe from the left or right edge of your screen, this depends on the settings that you have in Reminisce. Even though it costs $1.99 from my point I can say money well spent. If you want it you can find it in Bigboss repo.
Anemo – This is the most expensive tweak that we have in our list. Maybe you are wondering if it’s worth the price tag, $2.99 to be exact. Well this tweak will bring a quick reply function to your messages right from the screen you are in. You can get it from BigBoss.
BannerSwipe – Notification banners can be sometimes annoying so as a result BannerSwipe will let you swipe does pesky banners so you will not wait until they will disappear. This is free in ModMyi repo.
NCSearch – Wen you are on the go and want to make a quick search this can be really hard, because you must enter in your favorite browser and the search what you want. Well with this tweak you can pull down your Notification Center and make a search right from there.
TapTapFolder – This tweak will let you define a app that will be launched from a folder just by taping the folder. I for wants like to arrange by category but I also have some favorite apps that will need a lot doing to just open them. This is from BigBoss repo and it’s free.
PhotosEnhancer Pro 2 – every one of us has sensitive data on their phone, like videos or photos. Now you can hide all those files with this tweak. The best part is that this app is free from BigBoss repo.
Typo5 Lockscreen – If you are into typographic thing you will surely love this to display information in typographic stile on your lockscreen. You can get this from Ryan Petrich repo for free.
iOS 7 Theme – This is that famous theme which brings that flat design from iOS 7 to iOS 6. This tweak doesn’t need any further explain. But can be found in zodttd repo for free.
Deepend – If you opted for iOS 7 Theme it wouldn’t be an iOS 7 running device without the parallax effect on your background. This tweak is free from Ryan Petrich repo.